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Gentle Horses Step Up as Guardians for Abandoned Fawn

The special bond between animals often transcends species boundaries. A recent encounter in Steamboat Springs, CO between three horses and a fawn showcased this. Witness Kally May captured the moment where the horses guarded and cared for the baby deer.

Horses are known for their gentle nature, and this incident confirms that reputation. The fawn, likely orphaned, was surrounded by three ranch horses who entertained and protected it from danger.

Kally wanted to help, but local wildlife officials advised against it as reuniting with the mother could be difficult. Mother deer often leave their fawns in safe places while they search for food, and return at dusk or the next day.

The horses cared for the fawn, and the next day, Kally informed authorities that the mother had returned for it. The fawn’s adventure with its kind and responsible babysitters – the horses – ended fittingly.

Animals looking after each other, especially across species lines, is always heartwarming. This encounter between the horses and the fawn is just one example of the deep emotional bonds that exist between animals.


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