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The Remarkable Woman Rescuing Horses for a Second Chance at Life

Horses are more than just animals to us; they are cherished companions, friends, and endless sources of joy. Their beauty and grace captivate our hearts, and the bond we share with them is a treasure beyond measure. However, not everyone extends the kindness and respect these majestic creatures rightfully deserve. Some individuals exploit horses for their selfish gains, casting them aside when their utility wanes. In this story, we introduce the incredible Victoria Goss, a beacon of hope in this plight.

Victoria embarked on her journey of horse rescue at the tender age of 12, a calling she’s never wavered from. Later, she established the Last Chance Corral horse rescue in Athens, Ohio, a noble initiative that has continued for an impressive 35 years. Economic challenges have never deterred Victoria’s unwavering commitment to her equine friends, thanks to the unwavering support of fellow horse enthusiasts and a dedicated team of volunteers, endearingly referred to as “voluntolds.” Together, they labor tirelessly to offer horses a fresh chance at a life filled with happiness.

Let us extend our heartfelt salutes to all those involved in this remarkable organization. The unrelenting dedication and boundless love poured into rescuing these horses is nothing short of inspirational. We invite you to watch the video and witness the incredible work being done at Last Chance Corral.


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