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3 Horse Breeds with Special Manes

Although a horse’s mane may be cared for and made to grow, certain breeds of horses have longer manes by nature.Below are some of horse breeds with unique manes.

3.Black Forest Horse

A cold area, in southwest Germany, is where the Black Forest Horse breed first appeared. So it should be no surprise that it has long, thick hair. Black Forest horses have long manes to keep their necks warm. They are well recognized for their resilience and capacity to flourish in cold areas. The average height of a Black Forest horse is between 14.2 and 15.3 hands. But they were bigger than their ancestors. The reason for the height disparity is that those ancestors interbred with a  later breed.

2. Gypsy Vanner


Friesian horses are jet black with manes, tails, and feathers of similar color. Their manes and tails are thick and long, thanks to their pedigree of draft and riding horses.The Dutch province of Friesland is the birthplace of the Friesian horse breed.Like other horse breeds with long manes, Friesian horses originated in a frigid climate. It is therefore not unexpected that they have thick, long hair.Friesian horses are witty, active, relaxed, and adaptable. Sadly, they have a higher likelihood of passing away sooner than the majority of horse breeds.


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