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Foal Born With It’s Own White Shadow

Wendy Bulmer bought a mare not knowing that she was pregnant, so when the horse gave birth, she was already getting a bonus horse. Then Bulmer noticed that the newborn had unusual markings – a white patch down his left flank that looked remarkably like a horse.

The beautiful horse is born at Flying Hall riding school in North Yorkshire, England,and was named Da Vinci because of his artistic marking, and he also has a white heart shape on his rump. The unusual animal is friendly and much loved by Bulmer’s family. The marking appears as an optical illusion at first due to it’s impeccable shape. The perfect white shadow seriously looks like a tiny horse riding beside the chestnut foal.

It even appears to have its own mane as the chestnut foal’s black mane transforms to white when it reaches the marking.If you want to see more of this amazing foal? Check out the video below:


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