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After meeting a little rabbit, a lonely newborn deer discovers what love is

Nellie and Polly’s friendship is unique and not often seen.One of the white-tailed fawns that was saved is a newborn deer named Nellie. She was too young to be left outside or with the other deer that had previously come to their aid.Fuzzy Fawn Wildlife, on the other hand, recognized Nellie’s need for a companion.

A cute black and white rabbit named Polly emerges. When Polly first met Nellie, she was also just five weeks old. Nellie came over to Polly right away and started licking her rough. Polly, though, didn’t appear to mind. She followed Nellie around.

The two young creatures clearly established a new bond as they lay down together in the corner. Nellie was Polly’s mother at the beginning. Fuzzy Fawn Wildlife told the Dodo, “It’s as if she understood this small, vulnerable baby needed something even if she was only a couple of weeks old.” Even when it came to meals, Nellie and Polly were observing one another. The primary diet of a saved fawn is grain, but Nellie first refused to eat it.

When Polly began eating grain and Nellie noticed her, the fawn began eating grain as well.Nellie was a high-energy person who jumped around more than she ran.Her rescuer is unsure whether this was due to her natural personality or because she was Nellie hopping around.The two animals appeared to understand each other.Polly would move to a corner and just stare at Nellie when she became overly playful, jumping and running around.

Polly avoided getting in Nellie’s way, even jumping around and hiding inside a dish of food. When Polly was relaxing or taking a sleep, Nellie would snuggle with her in a corner. On sometimes, Polly would uncomfortably snooze next to Nellie. While Polly was aware that Nellie occasionally exhibited excessive energy, Nellie was also aware that Polly required caution.

Fuzzy Fawn Wildlife eventually started taking Nellie outside so that she could get acclimated to being outside. She started spending time with TinkerBell and Buddy, two other rescued fawns. The next spring, they were both released into the wild.


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