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The life and legend of America’s most famous wild horse

One of the world’s most famous wild horses, Picasso is a stallion of the Sand Wash Basin in northwest Colorado. Known for his beautiful pinto color, he really does resemble a painting. 

Scott Wilson – WilsonAxpe Photography

This stunningly attractive stallion has fostered a unique type of loyalty among the Sand Wash Basin’s wild horses for more than a decade. This wild mustang stands out thanks to his distinctive markings and two-toned mane, but he is more than just a pretty face. He is a potent illustration of what it takes to endure and survive, covered with muscle and dotted with scars. Picasso, a competitive stallion who is currently believed to be 30 years old, has spent his whole life in a hard environment. Most wild stallions die young. They either pass away from the particular hardships of living in the wild or are killed by other stallions engaged in a mare-winning struggle.

Scott Wilson – WilsonAxpe Photography

Picasso  took part in hundreds of battles, survived cold winters, and made it through hot summers in Colorado’s high desert. However, he has beaten the odds throughout it all.

With his age catching up to him, Picasso roams alone. He is unable to hold onto any mares. Recent pictures show the stallion to be skinny and worn-out. Some suggests he be adopted, while other fans disagree.

It is undeniably difficult to live as a wild mustang in the Sand Wash Basin. Every day, horses are exposed to a variety of dangers, and each winter, powerful horses are lost due to accidents and severe weather. Nevertheless, they are free. The symbol of spirit and freedom is Picasso.


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