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Huge lion casually interrupts safari picnic in Kruger Park to take some steak

A huge lion stormed the picnic that a safari group was attending in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, giving them the shock of their lives. The imposing male probably joined because of the excellent flavor of the beef steaks.

The group from the United Kingdom was enjoying the sunset while the staff at the hotel were preparing a buffet when a lion decided to derail their plans. When they saw the dangerous beast so near to them, both the tourists and the stuff fled.

The unexpected guest approached the table full of food while everyone jumped into the vehicles for their own protection. The lion sniffed the delectable food for a few moments, but he wasn’t impressed.So he then, lost his was in the bushes.

The picnic party resumed soon after a guide convinced everyone that the lion had vanished. The host stated that his guests were really fortunate to have such a close contact with a wild lion.

Chris Taylor said that it was extremely unusual for one to visit a drink stop in such close proximity. “We all sat and observed as he inched closer. He briefly posed before moving on. Other creatures have passed me, but usually a considerable deal farther away.

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