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A Lovely Mother Leopard Hugs Her Adorable Cub

A mother cares for her child more than anyone else. This is why, regardless of species, moms and newborns have a distinct and unique link. A mother’s love and care for her child is priceless. Although some people think of wild animals as boring, they are fiercely protective of their young!

The caring and overly protective nature of wildlife has been personally witnessed by this wildlife photographer. Leighton Lum found out about the mother leopard’s extremely emotional moments with her pups while exploring Kenya. A mother leopard and her youngster were sleeping close to a bush when the 32-year-old photographer arrived with his camera. But after a while, a heavy rain woke the baby up.

The only thing that followed was a sea of hugs and love between them. The cub immediately began climbing trees after waking up because it was eager and always seeking for new activities. His mother was also awakened by his activity. The leopard wasn’t even upset because he had interrupted her mother’s little snooze. Instead, she was beaming broadly as she hugged her own priceless child.

“He ended up wondering near our car and the mother followed,” the photographer said. “They sat down no more than 50 feet from the car and started playing. It was unbelievable. ”

In a series of touching photos, Lum caught a mother-cub duo cuddling each other in the cutest way possible. “I really enjoyed watching the tender moment between mother and child,” he said. “It’s a behavior that you don’t see often and rarely see them that way open and close-up.”


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