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Owl lands on photographer’s camera and perfectly blends in

A surprisingly well-blending owl inadvertently fell on photographer Scott Dere’s camera when he was out taking pictures of owls.

Dere remarked, “I discovered one perched in a minute or two and wolf-whistled to the three others.”

“The owl choosing to land on my head was an amazing moment! My spine tingled for hours after it.

“The owl eventually adjusted itself on my lens, allowing me to slightly pivot it while posing for a picture. Thank goodness Beau had the reflexes and judgment to take the picture I will always treasure.

Dere started out that day to take pictures of some magnificent grey owls, and along the way he formed a group with three other photographers: Beaumon Day, Brooke Bartleson, and Olympus Explorer.

The owl then flew above Brooke’s head, scaring her.

According to Beau, the owl appeared to be hunting. It would stare down at the ground as if seeking out a little rodent or some other food, or it would remain still for a while before deciding to join the crew.

They stayed with the bird for an additional hour, watching it soar around, look for game, and rest on Brooke’s head until she fell to the ground in awe.

“You can tell the owl was young or a juvenile by several characteristics, like the tail feathers, for instance.

This young owl simply wanted to inspect us since he was interested about these unfamiliar people in his area of the woods. And two, he felt no threat from us.

“I’ve had some incredible meetings with wildlife, and sometimes you can just sense that they are at ease and comfortable with you and you kind of have a connection for that moment you’re with them,” she said.

The owl hunted for much of the duration of the photo session, which lasted around an hour. The person posed in the photo lens picture, Scott Dere, ultimately posted the image to social media, where it quickly gained popularity.


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