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Fascinating Facts About The Gentle Giant Ardennes Horse

The first Ardennes were introduced to the United States in the early 20th century, but it is still not identified accurately when. First, when sent to the United States, Ardennes horses were available for registration with the now-defunct National French Draft Horse Association of America or French Draft Horse Society. The Ardennes horses have developed 2,000 years ago in the Ardennes hill near the border of Belgium and France. Many historians believe that the Ardennes horse is a descendant of the now-extinct Solutré horse. The ancient horses were part of some of history’s most prominent events, and their development has only brought particular distinctions in the modern Ardennes horses.

Napoleon shaped how the Ardennes horses are today. 

The ancestors of today’s Ardennes horses weren’t very different from how they look now, but during the Roman era, these draft horses had a major change: they were shorter. They didn’t have nor the strength nor endurance of other heavy horses and Napoleon decided to change them, through selective breeding, by adding Arabian blood to the mix. This component proved to be very successful because the Ardennes horse really got taller. But not only that, their endurance was increased as well. Despite this fact, they are not reckoned amongst the tall horses because they are only 15-16 hands high, but the added height seems to have made a distinction in the horse’s already remarkable strength. Napoleon preferred Ardennes horses throughout his Russian campaign when other horse breeds couldn’t handle in the hard conditions and under massive loads.

 The Ardennes horse is recognized as one of the most well-behaved horse breeds.

A huge sized horse may be frightening for all the horse owners but these large horses wouldn’t hurt a fly. They’re the real meaning of “gentle giants.” Most people describe them as being kind, tolerant, and almost always patient. Measuring among 1,500 and 2,200 pounds, a full-grown Ardennes horse is enormous even for draft horse standards. Having a horse of such a big size rushing toward you is intimidating but for everyone who would like to buy an Ardennes horse, we guarantee you there is nothing to worry about. They’re so tender, they’re estimated to be great mounts for children and beginner riders.


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