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Little Boy Looks After Belgian Draft Foal While Mare Watches Over Them

Belgian Draft horses appear to be frightening due to their massive stature and amazing strength. Although they were intended to accomplish a variety of heavy work, many nowadays prefer to keep them on farms because they are cute, well-behaved, and easy to care for.

However, they are one of the most placid and loving species you will ever meet. Everyone who owns a Belgian Draft horse is aware of this aspect of their personality, which is why they allow their children to be near them.

There is nothing more beautiful than witnessing the incredible bond between a young, little kind and a giant creature with even a bigger heart to match his physique. In the video shown below, a little boy goes near a little foal and feeds the baby with a bottle of milk.

All mares have a tendency to get hostile when people or other animals approach their kids, which is why they are also very watchful and observe anything that comes into contact with their babies. However, in this video, the mare appears calm and aware that the child merely wants to spend time with them and care for the adorable foal.


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