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Galloping In The Snow, Hundreds Of Horses Create A Magnificent Scene

The majority of yili horses are 14 hands tall and typically come in bay, chestnut, black, or gray colors. They have a straight profile with a light head, and their conformation is compact and firm.

This miniature breed of horse is utilized for both driving and riding. Due to their strength and breeding for milk, they are often employed as draft horses. Hundreds of Yili horses will be seen galloping in the snow in this video. The herdsmen claim that they must move the horses to another ranch for the winter because their pasture is covered in snow from November until April of the following year. The ideal breed of horse has been established by interbreeding, and the population has grown.

It is possible for the herdsmen to act in this way because the Yili has excellent endurance and can travel long distances at a good rate of speed. If horses lacked endurance and couldn’t travel long distances, they wouldn’t be able to survive. View this breathtaking overhead video of hundreds of Yili horses charging through the snow!


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