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Bear cubs produce a sweet “sound of contentment” while playing with an apple pile

Contrary to popular misconception, bears adore fruits, especially apples and wild fruits. As a result, when the sanctuary decided to shower its tiny residents with a bounty of mouthwatering apples, they decided to record the event on film and received the most delightful surprise. These rescued bear cubs make the most endearing noises as they enjoy their delicious food. Black bears hardly often make noise, so they even startled the keepers.

Twitter/John Fusco

John Fusco, a writer, producer, and wildlife enthusiast, captured the endearing encounter on camera at the Kilham Bear Center, and later posted it to Twitter. In the description of the now-viral video, he asked, “Have you ever heard bear cubs emit their’sound of contentment’?”

Rae Wynn-Grant, a conservation expert who spoke for the Los Angeles Times, commented on the video: “They’re certainly in a healthy refuge… They should be cooing and telling us how wonderful they feel, so it makes sense.

The apple pile clearly has no chance against these adorable tiny scavengers! The cute scene is shown in the video down below!


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