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Alycia Burton: The Equestrian Saviour of Threatened Horses: How One Woman’s Unique Approach and Determination Led to Success

Alycia Burton is a woman who has made a name for herself in the equestrian world, not just in New Zealand but globally. Her unique approach to working with “threatened” horses—those that have behavioral issues and are considered unrideable by others—has led her to fame and success.

Burton’s story began at the young age of 15 when she decided to leave high school and pursue her passion for working with horses. She left her job at a local bank and started her own business, training horses and working with animals that had behavioral issues. She lived in a garage and worked on the side, honing her skills through hands-on experience with horses.

Pictures and videos of her bareback and bridle-free horse leaping quickly went viral, bringing her to the attention of the equestrian community.In an interview with Free Riding New Zealand, Burton stated, “I work with horses that no one else wants to ride or that have severe behavioral issues.” “The outcomes are undeniable.”

Burton’s approach is centered around the belief that success in the equestrian sector and upholding a professional image do not require financial resources. She claims that speaking your desires into existence will bring forth exactly what you have requested. This outlook has helped her a lot on her journey.

Currently, she takes her trained animals on training excursions all throughout New Zealand. Without any official training to fall back on, she has honed her skills via hands-on experience with horses. She has a close relationship with the horses she works with, which is evident in the positive outcomes she achieves.

Alycia Burton’s story serves as an inspiration to anyone who wants to pursue their passion, no matter the odds. She proves that success is possible with hard work and determination.


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