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Without his daily cup of tea, the police horse refuses to begin work

Jake, a 20-year-old police horse, refuses to go to work unless he has his daily cup of tea. In his 15 years with the Merseyside Police in Northwest England, he’s discovered that he enjoys one thing above all others in the morning – a large, sweet mug of freshly brewed tea.

 His tea should be not too hot so that he doesn’t burn his tongue. His treat will be more awesome if it is added some skimmed milk and cold water.

 Jake began drinking tea after sneakily swiping a sip from his rider’s cup.When the 20-year-old horse starts sticking his mouth in his rider’s cup every day, the Merseyside Police Mounted Section includes him in their morning cup of tea.Jake will reportedly wait in his stable in Allerton, Liverpool, every morning for his specific large cup to be handed to him before agreeing to begin working, according to the Daily Mail.

“Jake is obviously a horse with a lot of character, in my opinion. He will tolerate one sugar, but is much happier when you remember to give him two, as we have all learned from his tea order. According to Merseyside police mounted section manager and trainer Lindsey Gaven.

Nevertheless, at the grand old age of 20, Jake’s employment with the police will soon come to an end, and he will be free to spend his days in bed, sipping tea to his heart’s pleasure.

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