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A Shammy, Gentle Dwarf Horse With a Golden Heart

Indeed, big things come in little packages.Shammy is unique in every way. This tiny horse is only 5 months old, 50 pounds, and 20 inches tall. He may be small, but his growth is restricted by the unusual ailment known as dwarfism. But he makes up for his lack of size with his love. He is almost like a puppy, according to Michele Puryear, his adoring mother. She is who he would rather be with than his own mother. When he needs to unwind, he follows her around and cuddles.

His body isn’t growing as quickly as his internal organ, which is unfortunate because his condition will undoubtedly give him issues as he ages. He may develop arthritis as a result of his stunted growth. All Michele wants is for him to be pain-free knowing all these possibilities.You can watch video below:


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