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Optical Illusion Stumps the Internet.Do you see a horse walking forwards or backwards? 

TV personality Julia Bradbury originally shared the video on Twitter. Bradbury simply asked, “Left brain or right brain?” in the post.

If the horse is moving forward, Bradbury says that you are left-brained, and if it is moving backward, you are right-brained.

The words “left-brained” and “right-brained” are frequently used to describe cognitive styles and personality traits.

Left-brained individuals are frequently more analytical and detail-oriented. They are often stronger at thinking in sequences and tend to base their conclusions on reasoning. People with a left brain typically excel in arithmetic and reading.

People with a right brain are apparently more creative and perceptive. They are typically characterized as persons who view things in the “big picture” and have an intuitive or emotional response to events. Right-brained individuals tend to be more creative and talented in the arts.

According to this logic, if you see the horse walking backwards you may be a more creative and emotional person.

If you see the horse walking forwards, you may be a more logical, detail-oriented person.

The painting below depicts a snow-covered alpine range with Paint horses. What constitutes the background and what constitutes the horses are difficult to distinguish in the painting.

How many horses can you see?


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