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Adorable Polar Cub Enjoys Playing And Winking At The Camera

This lovely polar bear cub is only 14 weeks old, but she already has a lot of personality. Pictures taken in the Hellabrunn Zoo in Munich show the little newborn bear jumping on the rocks, playing hide-and-seek, eating pretzels, and exploring the surroundings fearlessly.At one point, the adorable bear even winks at the camera!

Giovanna, a 10-year-old mommy bear, gave birth to twins named Nela and Nobby three years ago, and the newborn bear cub is her third kid. In 2016, both polar bear cubs departed the zoo, with Nela traveling to the Netherlands and Nobby going to Doncaster. Giovanna’s whole focus is now on the baby, who has yet to be named.

“We are happy to observe the bear cub’s day-to-day improvement,” said Rasem Baban, director of the zoo. “The true work as a bear mom begins now for Giovanna, as she must keep an eye on the small one.” But even this will be no problem for her.”

“The little one is in excellent condition and full of vitality, weighing an amazing 18 pounds.”


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