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3 Most Beautiful Horse Breeds in the World


The stunning Marwari horse breed originated in northwestern India. It stands out from other horses because of its unusual-looking inward-curving ears.

The breed shares this peculiar trait with the Kathiawari horses, with which it is closely connected. Honestly, both breeds are renowned for having superb hearing!

Owning a Marwari was traditionally a privilege reserved for Indian aristocracy and monarchy. The horses were treated as members of the family and even wore jewelry-adorned equipment. Because of their bravery and extraordinary ability to find their way home, Marwari horses were prized as warhorses.

The Marwari is a strong athletic horse that excels in polo and most other English sports.

2.Gypsy Vanner

The lovely Gypsy Vanner, which is also known as the horse of the Irish Travelers, is a familiar sight both in Ireland and the British Isles. With the official registry having been established in 1996, it is a relatively recent breed.

However, some sources contend that after the Second World War, Gypsy Vanners have been selectively bred. It is believed that the colored Shire horses that the Romani chose to draw their wagons were their forebears.

A horse similar to a cob, the Gypsy Vanner has long, flowing feathers on its legs. usually seen wearing a coat that is black and white.

Gypsy Vanners are gorgeous giants who are an essential part of Romani families and are distinguished by their amusing mustaches.


Clydesdale horses are renowned for their thick, flowing feathers, white blaze, and placid demeanor. They are the stars of the enduringly well-liked Budweiser ads.

This endearing breed originates in Scotland’s Lanarkshire region, near the Clyde River. They were widely exported to Australia, New Zealand, and the United States during the 19th and 20th century, where they gained popularity as farm animals.

They were originally, and are now, utilized as huge draft horses for forestry and agricultural work. Clydesdales are popular with pleasure riders and drivers because they are simple to train and move well in a harness.

Clydesdales have also been chosen to have the honor of parading on royal occasions as drum horses along with Shire horses.


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