Monday, June 17, 2024
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Horse farts loudly, frightening the young girl and himself

The adorable child and her horse strolled down a dirt lane surrounded by a plethora of lovely vegetation and trees.

She trots back to her pet and gives him a handful of weeds to eat before leaving him behind and leading the way. The young child races ahead of the woman taking the video, ducks under a rope fence, and meets her horse on the other side.

While approaching the girl, the horse let out a monster fart that not only shocked him but sent the child running while letting out a quick scream!

The woman, who had been greatly surprised by passing gas and was now rushing back to her horse, questioned the young girl, “What was that?” The video had viewers in fits of laughter as they shared their own gastric stories or just expressed how much humor this meeting brought them. Watch the amusing video down below!


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