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For The First Time, a Sweet Polar Bear Mama Plays With Her Baby

One of the renowned Novosibirsk zoos experienced a notable increase in happiness as a result of the polar bear’s long-awaited arrival. The biggest predators on Earth, polar bears, only reproduce once every two to three years, and considerably less frequently when they live in artificial environments.

Kay and Gerda greeted their second cub, a white bear, with joy. The adorable bear was born hairless and defenseless. For the first several months of its life, the cub stays in the den with its mother until it grows stronger. It’s too early to name this wild animal because it’s still difficult to establish the gender of the cub.

The eyes and ears of the little bear started to form. This adorable animal is rapidly gaining weight and eats a lot. Staff members are concerned about the father’s unexpected attitude, so they forbid him from speaking to the mother or the child. Kay will thus be left alone for a year in a different enclosure.

The mother bear and the cuddly bear were initially released into the outdoors when they were a little bit older. The little creature is observing its first snowfall. It enjoys playing with its mother and gently surveying its surroundings. Watching this tiny infant interact with its mother and play is really adorable.


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