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Baby Elephant Has the Cutest Temper Tantrum Ever Captured on Camera

While temper tantrums are widely accepted as a natural part of parenting human children, recent evidence suggests that similar behaviors are not exclusive to our species.

In a heartwarming video, an elephant mother skillfully handles her little one’s tantrum as they find themselves in the middle of the road. It’s a scene that resonates with all moms who excel at managing such situations.

The baby elephant employs a range of tactics to express its frustration, from rocking back and forth to flapping its ears and even taking a tumble.

Antonio da Cruz, a fortunate witness to the entire event, described the encounter, “We patiently watched as the group grazed alongside the road, but this tiny guy stood motionless in the center, refusing to budge.”

“After a brief display of flailing legs, head, and tail, the baby elephant caught its mother’s attention. In response, the wise mother enticed her little one by retreating further into the underbrush. Seizing the cue, the baby promptly stood up and, with an almost comically stern expression, followed her lead,” added Antonio.

The enchanting video below showcases this heartwarming interaction, providing a delightful glimpse into the universality of parenting challenges and the undeniable sweetness of baby elephant tantrums.


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