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143 Wild Mustangs Roam Free at Colorado Sanctuary

Nestled within the breathtaking 22,000-acre expanse of Engler Canyon Ranch, a mesmerizing ecosystem thrives, embracing a diverse array of wildlife. Elk, deer, and coyotes roam freely amidst the picturesque landscape, while hawks, eagles, and owls grace the skies above. The harmonious symphony is completed by the melodious songs of meadowlarks. Amid this vibrant tapestry of life, a remarkable sanctuary serves as a permanent home for 143 wild mustangs and burros, where they find freedom from round-ups, kill pens, and the grip of human greed. Established by the Serengeti Foundation, Engler Canyon Ranch has become a safe haven for North American wildlife, particularly the awe-inspiring wild mustangs of the region.

Originally a cattle ranch, the terrain now encompasses a diverse combination of short grass prairies, desert expanses, and dense forests. The Serengeti Foundation, supported by generous donors and devoted volunteers, has lovingly transformed this land into a paradise for rescued mustangs, giving them a new lease on life.

Currently, the mustang herd at Engler Canyon Ranch roams unrestricted across a staggering 10,000 acres. Holly, a spokesperson from the Serengeti Foundation, revealed that these majestic creatures are encouraged to embrace their wild instincts fully. While a few horses may occasionally interact with humans, most of the mustangs prefer to live completely undisturbed, reveling in their untamed existence.

The sanctuary diligently monitors the herd to ensure favorable foraging conditions, and access to veterinary care is available in cases of extreme emergencies. However, the sanctuary’s core belief lies in granting these creatures their space and liberty. The mustangs at Engler Canyon Ranch live in their natural family units, exhibiting behaviors typical of the wild, including courting, protection, chasing, and territorial disputes, fostering a true sense of freedom and autonomy.

Each mustang that finds solace at Engler Canyon Ranch comes with a unique story. Among them is Dante, formerly known as Ghost, who miraculously survived the ordeal of being in kill pens three times before finding refuge at the sanctuary. Rescued just minutes away from being sold to a kill buyer, Dante now embodies the spirit of endurance, living his days in the embrace of freedom at ECR.

Another inspiring tale features Romeo and Sinatra, two mustangs who faced a grim fate in a kill pen after being adopted through the BLM. Despite being victims of a fraudulent rescue group, they defied the odds and found sanctuary at Engler Canyon Ranch, where they will never again be subjected to exploitation or harm.

Engler Canyon Ranch not only serves as a sanctuary for mustangs but also plays a vital role in preserving the entire ecosystem and supporting North American wildlife. The Serengeti Foundation ardently advocates for safeguarding all species, recognizing the interconnectedness of life within intact ecosystems. Their dedication to protecting nature as a whole contributes to the flourishing existence of the sanctuary’s inhabitants.

Visitors to Engler Canyon Ranch are greeted with a sense of wonder and awe, as the untamed beauty of the land and its wild inhabitants stir the soul. The sight of wild mustang bands galloping freely across the plains, accompanied by the melodious songs of native birds, creates an unforgettable and deeply spiritual experience.

In the heart of Colorado’s wild west, Engler Canyon Ranch stands as a testament to the power of compassion and preservation, where 143 wild horses and burros etch their stories into the ever-evolving narrative of nature’s harmonious dance.


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