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Brave Nursing Mom Saves Pet Goose from Bald Eagle Attack

In a remarkable display of multitasking, Cait Oakley, a devoted mother, was peacefully breastfeeding her baby girl at home when an extraordinary event unfolded. Cait and her husband, Mike, proud parents of three children, also have a variety of animals living with them in North Saanich, British Columbia.

Unfortunately, their pets, particularly their chickens, often fall victim to predators. Within the past week, three fowl had mysteriously vanished. Determined to protect their beloved animals, Cait remained on high alert.

One fateful afternoon, Cait discovered the culprit behind the attacks. Their pet goose, Frankie, was playfully exploring the area near the house when, out of nowhere, a bald eagle swooped down, targeting Frankie on the welcome mat. Startled by Frankie’s alarmed honking, Cait sprang into action without even interrupting her baby’s nursing. Clad only in her underwear, she rushed outside, shouting at the top of her lungs to scare away the intruding eagle.

“You can’t make this up,” Cait amusingly recounted her daring rescue mission. “I didn’t hesitate for a second to save Frankie.” Her commitment as a mother knew no bounds.

What makes Cait’s feat even more extraordinary is that, while chasing away the bald eagle, she managed to continue nursing her baby. The entire incident was captured by their front door camera, documenting the moment the majestic bird dived down, attempting to grasp Frankie with its sharp talons, and dragging her down the driveway. Eventually, the eagle released its grip, allowing Frankie to swiftly return to the safety of her home.

Miraculously, Frankie emerged from the ordeal unscathed, although she likely developed a fear of bald eagles. “Not a scratch, not a missing feather, she’s perfectly fine,” Cait assured. Frankie had been trained to seek their attention by waddling to the front door, a behavior she had displayed before when raccoons invaded their property. On this particular day, Cait heard Frankie’s distress call and rushed to the door, still breastfeeding. As soon as she opened it, the eagle dropped Frankie, and Cait’s sole focus was commanding the eagle to “Drop it!”

While Frankie still enjoys freedom to roam around their home, Cait and Mike have implemented stricter measures to ensure her safety, as well as the well-being of their other animals. “She’s undoubtedly a part of our family. She accompanies us while we’re gardening, nibbles at our clothes for treats. She’s a significant presence in our lives,” Cait explained. “After losing several animals to hawks, minks, otters, and raccoons, we’ve taken steps to keep everyone safe.”

Mike became aware of the situation when he heard Cait’s urgent calls. His reaction was priceless. “Mike just ran outside and the first thing he said to me was, ‘You’re topless,’ and I responded, ‘I’m well aware of the situation,'” Cait recalled with a smile.

Captivated by Cait’s quick thinking and unwavering dedication to her children and pets, Mike shared the doorbell video on TikTok, where it quickly went viral. Viewers were captivated by Cait’s heroic act, labeling her a “supermom” and commending her for her protective instincts and swift action.

“I love your unwavering determination to protect and save!” praised one viewer. “You’re an amazing mom!” In response to the overwhelming support, Cait humbly replied, “I believe mothers multitask every day; this is just a testament to our ability to handle whatever comes our way while always being on the move.”

Frankie’s encounter with the bald eagle is not the first confrontation between a goose and an eagle.


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