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Melodious Whistle Sets Majestic Draft Horse into Motion

This horse possesses an absolutely captivating stride, unmatched by any other. Horses are truly remarkable creatures, and one of their most remarkable attributes is their running style. Witnessing a horse galloping through a field, its mane flowing in the wind, is always a sight to behold.

However, training a horse to run on command can be quite challenging and requires a significant amount of dedication.

Unlike dogs, horses present a greater challenge when it comes to training.

There are various methods to communicate commands to them, and many factors need to be considered during their training. Furthermore, the time required for training depends on the individual horse’s temperament. But if you are patient enough, your efforts will undoubtedly be rewarded.

Just take a look at this person summoning his horse with a single whistle.

Jos Smoolenaers is an avid horse enthusiast, and his videos showcase the deep bond he shares with his horses. He seems like a true horse whisperer.

In this particular video, he demonstrates how he calls his horse to him. The video captures his Belgian Draft Horse peacefully grazing in the distance. When Jos whistles, it takes some time for the sound to reach the horse.

You can observe the precise moment when the horse hears Jos’ whistle. From a distance, the horse raises its head to locate the source of the sound. Once the horse realizes it is being called, it immediately ceases its current activity and trots towards Jos.

Although the horse seems to be taking a rather roundabout path, it is amusing how it takes its time until it finally reaches its owner.

It is truly remarkable how this horse responds solely to a single whistle.

Most horses typically require some form of motivation, such as food, to come to you. However, Jos has managed to summon his horse with just a single whistle. It is quite an accomplishment to have trained his horse in such a way.

Upon closer inspection, this horse is undeniably enormous.

As it approaches its owner, you get a sense of just how large this horse is. Its sleek body and thick, sturdy hooves hint at its tremendous strength.

Furthermore, its mane and tail are astonishingly long, allowing you to imagine their beauty as they gracefully flutter in the wind while the horse gallops.

Belgian Drafts are truly a sight to behold.

Belgian draft horses originate from Brabant, Belgium. Historically, they were renowned as powerful warhorses. These horses showcase their strength through their massive build.

They are capable of pulling a wagon that weighs three times their own weight and can do so for extended periods. Additionally, their calm and gentle nature makes them excellent companions.

While these horses are primarily used for pulling carts, they can also be ridden for leisurely purposes.

Belgian drafts are diligent workers, and while some believe they are solely meant for carrying heavy loads, others contend that they are equally capable of being ridden like any other horse.

There are certain challenges, however, such as their height, which can make mounting them a bit difficult. Nevertheless, with proper training and the right equipment, they can be ridden with ease.


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