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Budweiser Clydesdale and puppy reunite in heartwarming commercial

One of Budweiser’s most enduring advertisements made its premiere at the 2014 Super Bowl.
A adorable golden Labrador puppy and one of the well-known Clydesdale horses were buddies in the movie Puppy Love.

A litter of lab pups were initially offered for adoption in the endearing commercial.
One of the labs slips away from the kennel and into a nearby horse barn while the adults are preoccupied with the puppies.
The advertisement then depicts the dog eloping from his closest pal before showing him being adopted and taken away, leaving his comrade behind in tears.

Beautiful horses rush after the puppy as it is being taken away, finally surrounding it so that the puppy may joyfully return to the farm with them. The puppy is staring out the car window as it is being driven away.

You’re going to like this advertisement if the previous one made you weep.

With the return of Budweiser, two buddies reunite.

Reunited with Buds is a heartwarming advertisement in which a horse and dog travel over land and water to reconnect.

With excerpts from the first legendary ad in the series, fantastic music, and visuals of the lengths the two friends will travel to be reunited, this one is about hope, honoring, and reconnecting with friends. The puppy is as cute as ever, and Budweiser has produced another advertisement that seems to have been lifted from a scene in everyday American life and is certain to make you feel warm inside.


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