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Bear Pretends to be Human and Creates Road Traffic 

A bear caused quite the commotion on a Romanian roadway in a video that’s now gone viral. The driver who captured the footage saw the bear standing upright, greeting drivers as if it were a human.

Screenshot/ Daily Mail Animals

While the forest was full of options, this bear chose to make an appearance on the roadway, causing a bit of traffic chaos. The bear then takes a seat in the middle of the road, forcing drivers to navigate around him. But this bear wasn’t bothered by the cars at all; he even seemed to enjoy watching them pass by. After a few moments of admiring his handiwork, the bear runs back to his family, and the video ends with them heading deeper into the forest.

Screenshot/ Daily Mail Animals

“Today, thousands of bears are living in agony on bile farms in Southeast Asia, but rescue groups are working to give them a better life. These bears deserve a place to call home, free from human interference. It is not fair to take away their freedom and cause them to suffer.”


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