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Like a wicked witch on her broomstick, the owl rides around on the stolen child’s toy horse

A large bird was seen riding a stick horse toy around near Eureka, Illinois. The owl was initially spotted by several locals perched on a pine tree near to the toy it had taken. But it didn’t take long for it to be put into practice.

While visiting his parents, Eric Lind was in the ideal location at the ideal moment. He took his phone and stepped out on the porch after learning about the bizarre event from one of his neighbors. The man told Newsweek that a neighbor had contacted his mother and instructed her to check out our pine tree in the backyard. They could not immediately recognize what the owl was carrying even though they could initially see it when it swooped into the tree.

Eric said on Facebook, “The owl is part of a family of owls in the area for approximately 6 months now, and this is one of the baby owls.” Therefore, I’m confident the proper authorities will be alerted if someone spots the owl in danger or thinks it is hurt.

A video of a “wicked witch” flying around the area was also released by the man. ideal for Halloween He stated on Facebook that he was “at my parents’ place right now.” The juvenile neighborhood owl has taken this stick horse and is riding it around the neighborhood.

Video below:


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