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Facts You Should Know About the Giant Percheron Horse Breed

The Percheron horse was first produced in the Perche province of France’s Normandy region. There are many hypotheses over the internet about this breed’s origin that’s why it is difficult to come up with an official version.Percherons are recognized to be more active than most of the other draft horses breed. They’re valued for their strong, royal attitude, along with their original intelligence and willingness to please

 An excellent horse for beginner riders

Because of their gentle, patient, and calm disposition, percherons are regarded as excellent horses for beginning riders. They are the best horses for those who don’t have the necessary horse ownership experience that many other breeds lack because of these characteristics.

The most widespread breed in the 1900s

The first Percherons arrived in the country in the middle of the 1800s, and by the turn of the century, the Percheron had become the most well-known breed of draft horse in the country. However, the numbers fell after the invention of modern machinery, much like what befell many other heavy working horses.

Percherons perform great when they receive proper coat care

Good grooming is essential to their maintenance, especially in cooler season when the horse’s coat will grow fairly big. Owners should pay extra attention to the hair around their ankles since it can attract bacteria from the ground. Without the right care, Percherons may be vulnerable to wounds, issues with their feet, rain rot, and other related issues.

There is a special reason why several Percherons are grey in color

Two gray Arab stallions were brought to France in 1820 to breed with the original Percherons. The goal was to produce a horse with a grey-to-white coloration. Breeders at the time preferred this coloration because it made the animal easier to see at night, allowing them to continue their productive labor. Due to the demand for strong horses in trade and agriculture, the Arabian bloodlines also contributed to the breed’s increased athleticism. They needed a creature that had the speed to sprint up and the guts to do it every day.

Percherons are frequently crossbred with lighter breeds

Despite the fact that some breeders have incorporated different draft horses into the Percheron bloodlines to produce a strong and elegant horse, others have crossed Percherons with lighter breeds to produce aspirational sport horses. When lighter breeds are crossed with Percherons, they frequently produce vivacious jumpers and hunters who respond rapidly to directions.


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