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Teenager took his cat to the prom since he couldn’t find a date

One of the best parts of our school years is prom, but it also causes a lot of stress. There are important choices to be made, like what to dress and who to bring.

The hardest dilemma is frequently “who to bring.” It must be someone you like spending the entire evening with, feel at ease with, and love getting to know.

Finding the right date may rapidly become a major problem. But sometimes you simply have to think creatively in order to solve an issue. Ask Sam Steingard, for example.

Sam Steingard, a teenager, was having difficulty finding a partner for prom, but he then made the sweetest decision to address the issue. According to The Animal Rescue Site, he chose to take his cat Ruby as a date rather than the customary prom date because he didn’t anticipate spending much time at the prom.

Joanne, Stengaird’s mother, made sure Ruby was appropriately attired for the occasion.

She also got her a glittering collar to complete the look after purchasing lovely clothing for her.

When they were both fully attired, Joanne took some classic prom photos of the gorgeous couple.

Sam’s sister later shared one of the photos online, where it was immediately made popular.

 Everyone is absolutely loving the goofy pair and people from all over the world are swooning over Ruby.


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