Dog Protects Injured Companion Stuck On Railroad Tracks For Two Days


In Ukraine, a wounded dog fell on some snowy railroad lines and was unable to escape to safety. Fortunately, Lucy, the dog, had a buddy who would not leave her side. Panda, a male dog, stayed with Lucy for two days, huddling with her in the sub-zero temperatures and crouching down with her when the trains rushed by their heads. Surprisingly, the trains did not hurt them any more.

Facebook – China’s Rescues and Shelters)

Denis Malafeyev, a local animal rescuer, discovered the couple entangled on the rails. They attempted to approach the dogs with other rescuers, but Panda was very protective and barked, displaying symptoms of hostility. The rescuers’ hearts sunk as the train approached. They realized they wouldn’t be able to reach Lucy in time, and that attempting to save the dogs would put them in danger of being hit by a train. But, surprisingly, both puppies laid down on the tracks, lowered their heads to the ground, and let the train pass over them without incident.

Facebook – China’s Rescues and Shelters)

After some effort and persuading, the rescuers gained Panda’s confidence and were able to remove Lucy off the rails. Both dogs were taken to the vet and cuddled up to each other the whole trip. Lucy was in decent health save from a few scrapes. The puppies’ family was found, and they were restored to them. Hopefully, their traveling days are past, but both dogs are safe and sound due to Panda sharing his body warmth and keeping watch.

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