Baby deer freezes in the middle of highway; mom returns to help it cross the road


It is in the deer’s nature to freeze whenever they come face to face with danger. It seems like this youngster has learned the trick at a very young age for he freezes in the middle of the highway while the mom tries to save him.

Jessie Larson had just dropped her daughter off to school and was coming back on a Washington state highway when she encountered a baby deer with her mama. She tried to stop the car and slow down as not to startle the deer but sadly the youngster was startled nonetheless.

The fawn lay down in the middle of the highway while the mother crossed the road and hid behind the bushes. The little fawn was terrified, and remained frozen on its stomach.

Jessie decided not to interfere as not to make deer momma mad. She instead turned off her headlights and engine, hoping that the baby deer will finally unfreeze. However, it took him a while for sure as he refused to move.

However, the good momma decided not to abandon its baby, and emerged out of the bushes to collect her child. There sure is some bravery in this action! Watch the video below to see how cute this momma and her baby deer are.

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