A Very Sick Puppy Who Was Dumped in the Trash By Its Previous Owner Fought For His Life with All Its Might


A puppy was found thrown into the trash full of dirt. When the rescuer found it, it broke his heart seeing the puppy in this terrible condition feeling totally helpless and powerless. The image was horrible and it was by far one of the worse case in his rescue years.

This good hearted rescuer took the puppy immediately to the vet and was expecting the worse but hoping for the best. The dog was starved, dehydrated and very dirty.The puppy was suffering and had many serious, contagious and dangerous infections because he had spent numerous days in amid filth. The doctor and the rescuer as well were devastated from the bad shape the dog was in.

The doctor began straight away an intensive treatment but the pain increased more and more so sadly they weren’t sure if the puppy would make it, still they never lost hope.The rescuer stucked by his side and once said: “I cried tons as I saw the puppy crying like this and kept praying for him to recover”. After giving him antibiotics and other strong medication the puppy started showing some improvement which made both the doctor and the rescuer very happy.

After a while the rescuer decided to take the puppy home but he knew that it would be a big responsibility since the puppy was not fully recovered. He almost had a severe coronary failur but thankfully everything went well. It’s extremely horrifying to know that human beings do this kind of stuff to animals. Why ?

At the very end our small survivor is doing very well even after all this pain he went through he achieved to be healthy and happy again!