Protective Dog Called Guardian Refused To Leave His Sisters Side After She Was Struck By A Car


A heart-touching video of a stray dog digging for her newborn puppies has left netizens emotional and teary-eyed soon after it went viral on social media. The puppies were buried underneath the debris of a house that had collapsed.

The rescue started when Animal Aid’s rescuers received a call about an emergency situation. After being alerted of the situation, they arrived at the scene. They were surprised to see a mother dog who was frantically crying beside collapsed houses. The surroundings are broken houses that look chaotic.

The rescuers were scared that the little pups hadn’t survived all this but the mother’s hope didn’t die untill the very end. When the dog mother realized that someone would help her find her children, she couldn’t stop showing her happiness and waggling her tail.

The rescuer knew he had to rescue them as soon as possible. He began moving the stones to easily reach the small dogs. The mother dog showed them exactly where to dig. She was also extremely urgent to rescue her baby. She hurriedly dug with paws and bitted at the stone.

The poor dog was in agony while seeing her children being found one by one, however fortunately all the puppies were found and could now enjoy a peacefull sleep with their mother.