Blind Dog Lost In Forest For 1 Week Found And Rescued By A Firefighter


Sage is an old dog that unluckily lost her sight due to her health problems with glaucoma but the good thing is that she has a loving family that takes care of her in every situation. However, last month Sage went missing for a week, worried her loved ones.Beth Cole, Sage’s human mom, shared that they had all gone to bed and in the morning, Sage was not around.They all started looking around for her, asking every family, friend, and neighbor to help them on the search for the blind doggie but they did not find her. They all feared the worst scenario since there were reports of mountain lions in the area.Despite everything, Sage was still very much alive and she was found and saved by an off-duty firefighter named Dan Strada. He found her in the river and says that When we saw she was alive, I jumped in the stream and hugged her. Sage was safely returned home and we can all call this a story with a happy ending!