Nine-year-old Ginger has been in the shelter waiting for her new home for seven years, almost all her life. On Tuesday, photo was posted showing Ginger the Labrador retriever mix sitting in her kennel at Dogwood Animal Shelter.

The Labrador mix was sitting in her box, at the Dogwood Animal Shelter on Lake Ozarks, MO, hoping that someone would fall in love with her and wish she could finally give her a home.

Ginger was abused as a puppy and successfully overcome all problems, both physical and mental, in fact, the great fear she had. She has completed her training and is well behaved, and she believes that someone will take her, adopt her and make her senior days beautiful and wonderful.

The shelter posted a photo of Ginger’s box, the bars of which hung the message: “Hi, I’m Ginger. I’ve been here seven years, nine months, two weeks and two days. I’m a good girl. I promise! I just need a second chance. ”

It turned out to be very difficult to find a home for Ginger, as she had to be the only pet in the home, with no small children.

However, the good information is that social media photography has gone viral, and many are now appearing to house this house.

We will see which foster home people will decide on at the shelter where the dog is located. We believe that everything will be right and that they will enjoy a new home.

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