Mama Dog Found In The Snow Protecting Her Pups From The Cold


 Six dog puppies and their mom “Snowbelle” were abandoned in a snow hole in the US state of northern Minnesota but were discovered and saved in time.

The poor little puppies were only a few weeks old; In a wooded area in northwest Minnesota, a family was surprised to find a dog and its six puppies, hidden in a small hole in the snow.

Tired mother could no longer give milk. A family found the little guys in the snow and took them to the shelter. The “Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue Shelter” thanked the animal-loving finders.

According to local media, the mother animal was malnourished and already had no milk, so the puppies would probably not have survived long.In the meantime, all dogs are well again and have already found a new home, As for Snowbelle, she has been treated and is resting peacefully while waiting for the life she has always dreamed of.