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Octopus Attacks Girl As She Tries To Eat It Alive


“Seaside girl Little Seven” is one of the numerous popular Livestream personalities in China. She actually is also a blogger. Kuaishou is a platform where many Chinese language residents post shorter videos. When you start to see the clip that she distributed lately, you won’t have the ability to believe your eye. This female attempted to consume a live octopus and as you may have guessed, it did not go well for her.

The huge Pacific octopus that she was wanting to consume didn’t take kindly to her actions. As a result, she was remaining screaming in pain as she attempted her better to take away the pet’s tentacles from her pores and skin. The octopus was simply doing its better to fend her off. Perhaps she must have thought double before documenting something that could make her look this foolish.

We don’t have quite definitely sympathy on her behalf. Because the video didn’t take long to visit viral, we are speculating that everyone who noticed it experienced the same manner. Initially, she appears to think it is funny, too. She even tells the audience to have a closer take a look at how hard the octopus was sucking. After minutes, it becomes clear that the pet will not want to release.

She cannot take away the octopus, no matter how hard she tries. We can not imagine how much pain she is at. We also wouldn’t have attempted to consume a live octopus, either. Finally, the octopus allows go and the blogger appears to be happy with this quality. She obviously has not learned her lesson, either. She even guarantees her audience that she’ll eat the octopus in her next clip.

However, this relief will not last for long. She realizes that the octopus does some serious harm to her face. “My face is disfigured”, she wails. She regularly uploads videos of herself eating seafood and was obviously trying to attain a certain level of fame. It seems as though she must have been careful about what she was wishing for.

Perhaps she thinks that the pain she experienced was well worth the clicks from her ‘fans’. We can not know very well what compels visitors to act this way. Hopefully, it was worthwhile. She was decided to become a trending subject and she achieved her goal.