Student reveals how to keep your dog calm on bonfire night by re purposing a sock as a comforting ear muff


A number of owners admitted that shooting affected their pets very negatively, and some even found that their dogs fainted or needed treatment after hearing the sounds of firecrackers and fireworks.Numerous tips on how to calm a dog during this period have begun to spread online, which include closing all doors and windows, walking in the daytime and masking sounds using a TV or radio.However, some people began to write that even this does not help them because their dogs can hear the sounds of cracking from the outside even then.

17-year-old Caitlin Miller tried to solve the problem with a simple trick she shared on Facebook.She suggested owners use old socks and explained how she uses them when trying to insulate her dog from the unpleasant noise.

Instead of purchasing stress bands or calming jackets from specialist stores, she decided to create a headband to muffle the sound – simply by cutting the ankle and toes off a pair of socks.  

Her dog Ruby has been afraid of fireworks since she was a child, to the point where his hair is falling out.Although the vet prescribed him anxiety pills, they failed to help.But since she started using her socks, Ruby has calmed down and is unresponsive to sounds.

Since being uploaded to Facebook , Caitlin’s post has been shared more than 15,000 times, with thousands of people leaving comments.