This Story of a Lost Baby Goat Reuniting with its Mom is the Sweetest Thing


FOOTAGE of the encounter between baby goat, who had been separated from his flock all day and his mother, will melt even the toughest hearts.Last month, a family from the Philippines found a baby goat that fell into a hole and couldn’t get out.”My sister found him playing with another little girl.We were in shock because it’s close to our house, and we’ve never seen goats go that way.We made inquiries with the neighbors, but no one said it was theirs,” said Ken Arceo, who first shared the footage.

Screenshot: Facebook

They fed with milk from the bottle and warmed it up well during the night.The next day they continued their search for the owner.they even drove to a village half an hour’s drive from them, and there they came across a herd of goats that had a similar hair as a baby goat, so they let him see what was going to happen.”It looks like they’re just wandering around. When we let him go, they all started wagging their tails.Mama goat immediately ran towards him. Our hearts were full.I was ecstatic,” Ken told The Dodo.

watch the video below